Old concepts don't die, they just get thrown in a heap and stacked atop one another in some dank lot out back. Actually, we don't know where the lot is located, but we do know it appears to be holding the Suzuki Kizashi, Kizashi 2, and Kizashi 3 – important concepts that the Japanese automaker unveiled over the past two years.

We hope these aren't the final show car versions. If so, we would have thought that the car that led to the production Kizashi – a big deal for Suzuki – would have been accorded a better spot in the afterlife, like maybe a place in a museum. Or, hell, at least an auction house listing. But that's the great circle of life for you. Tip your 40 to the Kizashis that once were...

[Source: 7Tune | Image: New Model Magazine X]

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