Railroad enthusiasts are a pretty passionate bunch. They're not auto enthusiast crazy, but they're close. Top Gear presenter James May fed off that steam-powered energy by working with 400 volunteers to build the longest ever toy train track for his new BBC series James May's Toy Stories. The track was to travel 10 miles from Barnstaple to Bideford, North Devon in the UK, and the Guinness book of World Records was on hand to record the feat for prosperity in the event that it succeeded.
As the Telegraph tells it, the ambitious toy track likely would have been a record setting effort were it not for some vandals who decided to sabotage the attempt. Sections of the track – which were laid with assistance from the British version of the Boy Scouts – were stolen, and two pence coins were dropped on the track to disrupt power and blow the train's battery. The cowardly acts of a few idiots ultimately resulted in James May and his gang of volunteers missing the opportunity to be added to the Guinness Book of World Records, but organizers decided to stay positive and call the event a success due to the fact that all 10 miles of the track were linked at one point.

We're guessing May will get another shot at Guinness with planned stunts like building a life-size Lego house or a life-size Meccano bridge, but it would have been nice if a few jerks didn't ruin the fun of hundreds of toy train geeks aficionados.

[Source: Telegraph | Image: Dave Hogan/Getty]

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