New-for-2010 Formula One World Championship entrant USF1 has stated several times its commitment to finding American drivers. That was, at least, until representatives for five-time World Rally Championship-winning driver and Frenchman Sebastien Loeb called to make some inquiries. At the moment this is just questions, two sides exploring what might be possible. But USF1 sporting director Peter Windsor did say, "We are looking more on the American side but are going to take him seriously."

On the other side, Citroen, the team Loeb drives for, has several times tried to put down just such speculation. The last time there were rumors of a switch to F1 for Loeb, both Loeb and Citroen said it was nothing. Citroen hasn't said anything about this latest news, but Loeb said he's "on the verge of extending [his] contract with Citroen," and that this is just about filling in when the F1 and WRC schedules don't conflict.

Not long ago it would have been considered absurd to have a part-time driver that just shows up for race weekends, and it would be pretty unusual even now. But with the in-season testing ban, it won't make as much difference as it used to. And besides, he probably couldn't be worse than Luca Badoer is at the moment... Hat tip to James!

[Source: F1 Live | Image: Roni Rekomaa/AFP/Getty]

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