723-horsepower 1964 Lincoln Continental – Click above for image gallery
The Elwood Engel Continentals are so instantly recognizable that Lincoln borrowed some of their design cues when creating modern vehicles like the MKX crossover. These big hunks of awesome from the Sixties are still even relatively affordable, too. The seller of this gem claims that there's more than $120,000 invested in this much modified example, which is admittedly a whole lot more than we'd expect to pay for even this gobsmackingly nifty thing, so it's possibly a case of overdoing it. You've got a day, and as it stands now, the reserve has not been met by a $30,000 bid.

Lower than a dead man's blood pressure, this Lincoln has been expensively redone in a stunning shade of PPG Cherry Black. Underneath, chassis mods have been carried out to add an Air Ride Technologies suspension that gives you the slammed stance for going low and slow, but it also pumps up to regular height for motorvatin'. Underhood yields the biggest surprise, as if the beautifully straight bodywork, sumptuous leather interior and high standard of work weren't enough.

Pop that lid and where you'd expect to see an MEL or 385-series lies a 351 Windsor-based engine, now displacing 427 cubic inches and breathing heavily with a ProCharger iron lung and spinning an AOD transmission. A mid-century masterpiece powered by more than 700 horsepower done up tastefully sounds good to us.

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[Source: eBay]

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