2006 Dodge Hornet concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Over the past couple of years, Chrysler has been in discussion with seemingly every carmaker in the world about some sort of tie-up to achieve some particular end. Before it was battling for its very survival, it was in serious talks with Chinese automaker Chery about building a car or two, including a vehicle based on the 2006 Hornet concept car (pictured) and the A1. Fast forward to today, when everything has fallen away – including its collaboration with Nissan – and now news agency Reuters says that Chrysler and Fiat are headed back to the People's Republic.

Neither company has any noteworthy presence in China, a situation that both companies are desperate to change. According to Reuters, they want to find a Chinese maker to build something on Chrysler's C Platform, which underpins the Jeep Compass and Patriot, and Dodge Caliber.

Chrysler currently exports ten of its models to to China. Fiat has a partnership with Chinese car company Guangzhou – which, in turn, is also allied with Honda and Toyota – to build a factory where Guangzhou will build cars on Fiat platforms. Guangzhou is a company that Chrysler has already approached, and the easiest route appears to be to simply expand the partnership via Fiat. No matter how it gets done, just give us a Hornet that looks like a Hornet... and not an A1.

[Source: Reuters]

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