VIDEO: U.K. texting-while-driving PSA is a return to Blood on the Highway

Wales PSA against texting while driving – Click above to watch video

It looks like Wales hired Danny Boyle or Quentin Tarantino to create a PSA to showcase the dangers of texting while driving (it was actually Peter Watkins-Hughes). As these things do, it starts off with a couple of teenagers doing what teenagers do -- in this case, sending text messages from behind the wheel. The accident is cinematic in its graphic detail, trauma, and blood. Just when you think it's over... well, we won't spoil it, but let's just say it ain't short and it ain't pretty. All that's missing are the zombies. Follow the jump to watch the video - but fair warning, it's far more gory than the average PSA. Thanks for the tip, Tim!

[Sources: BBC]

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