BMW Vision EfficientDynamics teaser - Click above to enlarge | Watch the video after the break

We know that BMW will be unveiling its new Vision EfficientDynamics concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, but so far the automaker has been very tight-lipped as to the details of the actual machine. What we think we know – which, admittedly, isn't a whole heck of a lot – is that this will be a sustainable sportscar of sorts that will highlight all of BMW's eco-friendly efforts under its Efficient Dynamics initiative.

While BMW is keen to keep us in the dark, the German automaker has at least unleashed a short teaser video for the concept that whets our appetites for more. There's not much meat to the video, but we do get a brief glimpse at what appears to be the concept's rear tail lamp and an intriguing use of negative space. It's not much to go on, but the machine in this teaser doesn't look to our eyes like the BMW concept car spied a few weeks back being loaded for shipment.

BMW chose to release this teaser via its BMW TV site, which just recently exited from its initial beta stage. We'll be sure to keep watching for more, but in the meantime, hit the jump to watch the video.

[Source: BMW TV]

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