2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery

Dealerships looking to capitalize on a hot-selling model's popularity is nothing new. Perhaps that's especially true when the overall market is solidly in the doldrums, as is the case right now. That said, it's not terribly surprising to hear reports that a number of Toyota dealerships are adding so-called Market Value Adjustments of up to $5,000 (possibly more) on some Prius models, especially those equipped with the hard-to-find solar sunroof option.

There may be evidence to support the notion that the recently-concluded Cash for Clunkers program added notable demand to the already popular 2010 Prius, and that $4,500 rebate may make it easier for dealers to hide an extra surcharge to the car's asking price. Still, it seems that a bit of smart shopping and a few hours on the phone ought to be all it takes to find a dealership within driving distance that's willing to honor Toyota's MSRP.

[Source: Prius Chat, Daily Tech]

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