Seatbelts have been spun as fashion items before, but not like this. In an effort to counteract the low take-rate of seatbelts in the United Arab Emirates, the Salama Road Safety Public Awareness Initiative will be launching soon. The initiative will adorn the potential life savers with haute couture logos like Gucci, as well as the logos of sports teams, flags, and so on as a way to make buckling up suddenly hip to young motorists.

Abu Dhabi's Health Authority (HAAD) cites figures that it can entice more than the current 11% of Emiratis to click the buckle if it appeals to the citizens senses of pride or style. Peer pressure to avoid belts was also cited by respondents to the HAAD's as a reason for not belting. The idea may not work, but it's worth a shot to flip the script on the fashion conscious and turn seatbelts from lame to haute couture.

[Source:Arabian Business via Luxist; Source Image: Zumiez]

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