Want an interesting voice on your satellite navigation system but tired of the Yoda, Stewie, Arnold and Homer themes you've already downloaded? Good news, then. Bob Dylan has just announced on his "Theme Time Radio Hour" show in the U.K. that he may be providing his distinctive vocals to a GPS unit near you soon. Says Dylan:
I am talking to a couple of car companies about being the voice of their GPS system. I think it would be good if you are looking for directions and hear my voice saying something like: left at the next street, no a right - you know what? Just go straight... I probably shouldn't do it because which ever way I go I always end up at one place: Lonely Avenue.
We can picture it now... the first time you're lost, Bob Dylan's elastic voice comes on loud through the speakers, "How does it feel? To be on your own... with no direction home. Like a complete unknown." Comforting, no?

[Source: Telegraph]

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