If you're a car dealer, chances are that you're not visiting Autoblog this morning to see what's going on. No, your head and the head of every single one of your employees is buried in a keyboard right now, frantically refreshing the government's website that handles Cash for Clunkers submissions. The website has been down since yesterday morning, and the Transportation Department has officially extended the deadline for dealers to file their reimbursement requests twice now – once yesterday to noon today and again late last night. The second extension is open ended until the site comes back online and is able to handle the influx of dealer submissions.

The government website went down at some point before noon on Monday morning, presumably when dealers nationwide began submitting their final reimbursement requests from last weekend's bonanza sell-a-thon. All the government is saying right now is that dealers will have any time lost while the site was down to submit their final paperwork. The deadline to actually sell cars through the Cash for Clunkers program came and went last night at 8PM, but if dealers are prohibited from submitting paperwork for those final sales, they may be out the cost of the C4C rebate for each car.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd | Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty]

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