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The big dogs in this case being a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and a pair of Ferrari F430s. And in case you're wondering, a Spirra is a Korean supercar built by Oullim Motors and sold through Proto Motors since 2007. Looking like a not half bad mashup of a late model Toyota MR2 and an Acura NSX, what counts of course is what's under the hood. The original Spirra (by Proto) had a mid-mounted 320 hp 4.6-liter Ford Modular V8 -- essentially a Mustang Cobra motor. However, once Oullim took over, the American muscle was dropped in favor of a force inducted Hyundai V6. Specifically the 2.7-liter Delta unit out of the Tiburon.

When hooked to a supercharger, the Spirra S makes 400 hp. Not bad at all. However, when a turbocharger gets involved the Spirra Turbo generates a whopping and impressive 500 hp. Looks like there is a replacement for displacement, no? A supercar needs this sort of thrust, especially when it's going to tangle with the aforementioned big dogs of the Italian persuasion. And here's the kicker -- the Spirra only weighs about 2,200 pounds. That's one fat guy more than a Lotus Elise. Meaning its power-to-weight ratio is on the deviant side of totally insane.

Top speed is well over 200 mph, especially with something called "Mission Tuning Offset" installed. We're not really sure what that is. Nor are we sure when watching the video if we're looking at the super'd or turbocharged car, though we'll err on the side of turbo. And with a price tag (about $130,000) that's about half that of the big dogs it's running with, we think we'd like to get our hands on a Spirra. Like, yesterday. Video of the hoonage, after the jump. Thanks to Austin for the tip!

[Source: YouTube]

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