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When it comes to fashion and cars, the Eighties were not one of our better decades. Marketing efforts weren't so great either, and a long forgotten extended commercial for the 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible makes a case that all three elements should have never been combined. The Renault was a fuel efficient box with a penchant for breaking down on a regular basis, men and women wore two polo shirts at the same time with both collars up, and the jingles of the time inspired the singing career of Michael Bolton.

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to watch the craziest nonsense you've ever seen. The video starts off on the beach, then moves to a deserted 1890s-style boom town littered with carriages, mimes, breakdancers, three very Eighties Footloosian dancers and some kick-ass neon signs.

At over three minutes long, we're not sure what the spot was used for (it's too long for television), but its period excellence leaves no doubt as to what decade it was filmed in. And make no mistake: This video won't make you any smarter and it might leave you with a rehash of those childhood mime nightmares, but this old Renault promotion is at least good for a laugh. Many of them. Hat tip to Duncan!

[Source: Renault via YouTube]

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