UPDATE: Images removed at request of photographer.

Next on the Cavalcade of Mild Styling Tweaks, the Nissan Altima Coupe. It's still mostly internet speculation about what's in store, but some pictures of what's believed to be the 2010 Altima Coupe have surfaced. Altimas.org forum member Mr_Coupe got hold of a couple of stills that appear to depict a facelifted Altima two-door and a 370Z Roadster getting all shot up by a Mercedes M-Class process truck. It could be running footage or a commercial being filmed, and it's unclear where the two snaps came from, but it offers grist for the mill.

When we asked about the photographs, Nissan told us the following:
"We can confirm that several marketing activities (photo shoots, etc.) have been underway for the past several weeks capturing a number of Nissan products. While the image does appear to be a 2010 Altima, no further information will be provided at this time."
It looks like the Coupe will be given a grille more like its sedan siblings (although the four-door is also likely to get refreshed), and the headlamps appear different here when the picture is scaled up. As we head into the end of 2009, there's sure to be more details coming soon. With just a single shot of the front end, we're left to wonder if the same kind of treatment has gone on out back, with subtle changes to the rear fascia and taillamps. Now that we've lit the conjecture bomb, we're just going to back away behind this blast wall here... Thanks for the tip, Mehdi!

[Source: Altimas.org]

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