Electric A!D, the northern European electric car advocates, have taken a baby blue Think City EV from Norway to Denmark "without any more hassle than if you where to travel with an ICE car." One of the reasons things went smoothly is that the Stena Line ferry service from Oslo, Norway to Frederikshavn, Denmark now offers an electric car charging service on board. Richard and crew were the first to get their vehicle charged during the journey. Recharging a car while it's being carried? Brilliant. Amtrak should be listening.

Leaving the boat with a full pack meant that the showcase events in Denmark went off without a hitch, and Electirc A!D was able to get a few more electric vehicle converts, including the mayor of Norddjurs, a county that recently started building a big bioethanol plant.

In the comments on Electric A!D's blog, one reader noted a side benefit of sending an electric car as small as the Kewet Buddy on the ferry (in this case, Fjordline): it can be shipped as cargo!

[Source: Electric A!D]

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