As has been extensively reported, VH1 "Megan Wants a Millionaire" reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins has been charged with murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore. As the news story spread, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that Jasmine Fiore's "2007 white Mercedes, with very large black rims (24") and a black roof" could contain crucial clues to the case. (Note: TMZ is also owned by Autoblog's parent, AOL. Trust us: there's no editorial affiliation.)

To illustrate the car, TMZ didn't use a picture of Fiore's Mercedes, however. The ever-careful gossip mongers instead used a picture of tuner R.J. DeVera's Brabus CLS, shod with his own RO-JA wheels. Then KABC-TV Los Angeles ran with the story as well -- apparently without fact-checking TMZ's photo source. The network ran a photo of R.J.'s CLS as well -- the same car you can see on R.J.'s Facebook and MySpace pages. GT Channel's Taro Koki saw what happened and documented it all, including screenshots of both TMZ's original post and from the KABC Eyewitness News broadcast that subsequently reused the photo of DeVera's car.

Meanwhile, Ryan Jenkins is still a murder suspect, still on the run, and the object of a manhunt in Canada. Until Jenkins is apprehended, it looks as if DeVera's going to have a hard time going anywhere in his Mercedes, since driving the car that's been plastered all over the news related to a murder case is no way to spend a couple of weeks in August...

[Source: GT Channel]

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