While the automobile's total impact on the environment remains up for discussion, it's apparently pretty clear that cars and frogs don't really mix. Well, not if you're a male frog trying to get your croak on, at least. Scientists in Melbourne have found that due to traffic and machinery, a male frog's call can't be heard at great distances by female frogs. That's cutting down on the amount of frog sex to be had, and that, in turn, is cutting down on the number of frogs.

In the worst case cited, the popplebonk frog can normally be heard more than a half a mile away when there's no noise. But around busy roads you can't hear the popplebonk more than 46 feet away. Scientists said that animals are adapting to the noise of traffic, such as British birds that sing at night instead of the day. Don't ever doubt what Kermit said: it ain't easy being green.

[Source: Google | Image: moffoys | Image License: CC 2.0]

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