It's a program that works well with cars, so why not try it out on the cats? That's the logic of the Michigan Humane Society as it rolls out the innovative "Certified Pre-Owned Cats" program in an effort to rid itself of thousands of unadopted felines languishing in local shelters.
Offering incentives such as $0 down, $0 financing, and no payments (ever!), the program only applies to cats 4 months or older (kittens are apparently an easy emotional sale). The humane society suggests getting the prospective animal's FIN (Feline Identification Number) and request a CATFAX report before signing documents, even though the animals have passed thorough medical inspections.

While gimmicky, the program apparently works and few cats are being returned (no word on the availability of an extended warranty). The shelters have even found that with careful screening, the cost of the adoption doesn't affect the quality of the homes they find. Here's a suggestion for next month's program: "Cats for Clunkers."

[Source: The Consumerist]

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