Based on an advertisement in the latest issue of Scoot! Magazine (via our friends at 2 Stroke Buzz), Wheego is currently working on a new electric scooter that looks to be built atop a vintage-style Lambretta platform. Beyond that, details are decidedly scarce. It's possible that Wheego is working with Scooters India Limited – a company that acquired the rights to build the Italian-designed scooters from Innocenti in the early 1970s – but this is just conjecture.
We can't help but note that Wheego's decision to clearly ape the design of the classic Lambretta scooter for its electric two-wheeler follows the company's previous footsteps in the automotive realm, where it uses a design that seems to draw more than a bit of inspiration from the smart fortwo. In any case, Wheego apparently wants your feedback. Brilliance or Sacrilege, asks the ad. What do say you?

[Source: 2 Stroke Buzz]

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