Rumors of an open-air version of the exclusive Lamborghini Reventón have been circulating for months, with recent reports suggesting that the company has already shown a pre-production prototype to some of its best customers. Now sources suggest that the Raging Bull brand could be preparing to unveil the Reventón Roadster at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, with only ten to be built, packing the more potent 670 horsepower engine from the SuperVeloce.

By slapping on some edgy body panels and glitzy instruments, Sant'Agata managed to bump the Murcielago's price up into seven-figure territory, and they could do it again by lopping off the Reventón's roof (or slapping said panels on the Murci Roadster, depending on how you look at it). But while they could very well unveil the car in Frankfurt, with the Balboni edition Gallardo yet to make its public debut, they may also opt to make good on their commitment of a new product at every major auto show and keep the Reventón Roadster under wraps until a later date.

[Source: via The Car Connection]

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