Few driving annoyances irritate the automotive enthusiast set as much as a slow-moving driver clogging up the far left lane of a highway. Mercifully, this is one instance where the law is on your side, as that left-hand lane is meant for passing the slower traffic that should be driving on the right (as the helpful sticker on the Lego Volvo above illustrates).

In Kansas at least, a new law went into effect on July 1 that will allow police officers and the Highway Patrol to better enforce the rules of the road. On all multi-lane highways in The Sunflower State, it's now illegal to drive in the far left-hand lane "except when passing or turning left or when instructed to do so by traffic-control devices or officers."

Trooper Mark Engholm of the Kansas Highway Patrol tells USA Today that "the law is designed to reduce road rage and prevent motorists from trying risky maneuvers." Finally, a good reason to drive through Kansas... let's just hope that the powers that be in the state (and others) enforce it.

[Source: USA Today | Image: Boxybutgood.us]

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