Honda Racing shoe series by FILA - click above image for high-res gallery

Actually, it would be more accurate to call the fruits of this collaboration driving shoes, as these five new Honda Racing shoes aren't covered in flame-retardant Nomex. But no matter -- FILA is releasing five new shoes inspired by "Honda Racing's commitment to fulfill every car enthusiast's racing dreams."

When you cut past the marketing hoopla, what you have are a new set of footwear packed with driver friendly features such as floor mat-grabbing cupped polyurethane heels, "ballistic" mesh for breathability, low profile outsoles for better pedal feel and and light weight that helps reduce fatigue. The new shoes are available in either low or mid top and four different colors. Hey, why not? The Honda/FILAs are even kinda good looking. And come to think of it, our must-have-'cause-we're auto-journos Pilotis are getting a bit long-in-the-tooth.

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  • filahonda40

[Source: Pitch Engine]

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