1958 Ferrari 250 TR crashes at Laguna Sega - Click above to watch video after the jump

When David Love's $8 million 1958 Ferrari 250 TR loses its brakes, goes airborne and then crashes into a bank of tires, it's news. When our best photographer just happens to be shooting the car just as it crashes at the Laguna Sega Corkscrew, of course we're going to post the obligatory high-resolution gallery. Heck, we even went back to the well when one of our readers took Drew Phillips' fast action photos and animated them into a six frame per second movie.

Just when you thought our fascination over the wrecking of the ultra rare 250 TR has passed, we're taking you back to the Corkscrew one more time. We have a great reason, too, as Autoblog reader Susan Curry has given us a never-before-seen video of the crash from the bottom of the Corkscrew. And this time we're talking about actual motion pictures with audio instead of a conglomeration of 31 ultra high-resolution pics. We were kind of expecting someone would have the video, as a collection of rare and expensive race cars traversing a challenging track absolutely should attract some filming. Hit the jump to view the exclusive video. We've also added the reader animation video for your perusal, along with the fantastic gallery from Mr. Phillips. Thanks for the video, Susan!

*UPDATE: Compelling new video from a different vantage point added after the jump - thanks for the link, Robert B!

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