The ill-fated Pontiac G8 ST - Click above for high-res image gallery

It's sad enough that the dizzying, platform-sharing, don't-call-it-rebadging upcoming product extravaganza General Motors unveiled to the Twitterati and media last week did not include the terms Zeta, Pontiac, G8, or any derivative thereof, but if a new report out of Australia is accurate, Holden is about to pour salt in America's wound – with an iodine chaser. claims to have an internal Holden memo stating that our friends Down Under will not only be able to purchase a Pontiac G8 SS-V sedan, but Wagon and Ute variants as well. (SS-V is the equivalent trim level to the U.S.-market G8 GT.)

These final Pontiac G8s will reportedly be offered through Holden dealerships (natch) as special limited-edition models. The reason? Simple: a final run of G8s made specifically for the Aussies will allow Holden to clean out some of the remaining Pontiac G8 part stock it currently has sitting around with nowhere to go. Dealer sources told that they expect the total run to be in the neighborhood of 1,500 cars, with the breakdown split fairly evenly among the three body styles.

Pontiac G8: the car that didn't deserve to die, that no one wants to see die, and that, so far, refuses to die quietly. Thanks to Stephen for the tip.


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