VIDEO: Hey y'all, crash your clunkers

Crashing Remote Controlled Clunkers: click image above to watch the video

Q: What are a redneck's last words? A: "Hey y'all, watch this!" Only in this fine piece of reporting by CNN, the only (self-described) rednecks behaving badly are the ones having that third helping of funnel cake mixed with that seventh Bud Lite. No sir, in this here video, all the clunkers getting crashed are done-in by remote control.

Now, at first blush you might be a smidge disappointed that no amateur Wisconsin Evil Knievel types are hurling themselves off the cliff of a quarry towards both certain hospital time and everlasting glory. But, as the crashed cars pile up, it becomes pretty dang clear that Bob Moravitz – the brains behind the event – knows what the people want. Just like in Roman times, the people want carnage – and lots of it. Enjoy the video, after the jump.

[Sources: CNN;
KARE-TV/USA Today via 0-60]

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