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With the unveiling of Apple's latest iPhone, the 3GS, the gates were finally thrown open for third-party navigation software companies to develop navigation apps for the world's most popular smart phone. A TomTom app was announced at the same time, but we've been waiting a long time and a number of less well known companies have released navigation apps for the iPhone in the mean time. The wait for TomTom's attempt at navi bliss on the iPhone, however, is over with the introduction of the TomTom U.S. and Canada turn-by-turn navigation program.

The $99.99 app promises all the same nav functionality as a normal single-purpose handheld nav system right on your iPhone. Among its many features are the ability to tap the screen for start points and destinations in either landscape or portrait mode, depending on which way the unit is oriented. The mobile TomTom can also find restaurants and call for reservations, and it features IQRoutes, which calculates the best-possible route based on actual road speed data and accident and construction data. Pretty standard nav stuff, but in this case effectively bundled with a phone and built-in iPod.

TomTom app buyers can also purchase a kit that includes enhanced GPS features and a mount to secure the iPhone to the windshield of a car. The 1.2 gigabyte download is available now on the iPhone app store, though the large file size means you have to download it first to your PC or Mac and then sync it up your iPhone.

Now, $100 is a lot of money for an app when you've already paid $199 to $299 for the iPhone itself. The cheapest dedicated TomTom we could find on Amazon was also $100, so buyers will have to decide if it's better to have two separate devices or an all-in-one option.

If you haven't seen the program in action, there's an official video embedded after the jump.

UPDATE: Click here to view the app in the iTunes App Store.

[Source: Daily Tech]

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