If you just so happen to be ordering a new Ferrari, the craftsmen over at Schedoni will be glad to outfit you with a full set of fitted luggage for your new Italian Stallion. But if you want to go a slightly different route, Ralph Lauren is here to help you out. And why shouldn't he? Among his unparalleled car collection are a number of highly coveted Ferraris – including a 250 GTO, a 375 Plus and not one, but two Testa Rossas. (Remember, one TR recently set the world auction record at $12 million.)
Lauren's love of polo ponies is already well known... just take a look on the chest of any of his shirts. But to celebrate his love of the other kind of Prancing Horses, the quintessential American designer has graced us with a collection of bags of various shapes and sizes. Bearing the Scuderia name, they're decked out with perforated black calfskin and yellow racing stripes – perfect for tossing on the luggage rack of your favorite GT from Maranello. As you'd expect, they command an appropriate price: the tote bag you see to the right goes for a hefty $1,295, so you'd better make sure you've got plenty of cash set aside for gas and tires first.

[Source: Ralph Lauren via Acquire]

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