Back in 1992 artist John T. Young constructed a vehicle so futuristic, it would have to wait hundreds of years months for its practicality to become apparent. Now that the perils of the global warming apocalypse are seemingly upon us, the Phibian Car's time has come and it stands ready to save the highest eBay bidder and a friend from both the ravages of rising oceans and zombies. Yeah, you heard me, rising oceans.

If you are looking at the battery-powered all-aluminum craft in the photo above and thinking, "Hey, it has no windows!", you'd be correct. Glass is far too fragile to keep you from becoming a brain buffet and so once the hatch is closed, navigation is accomplished by either radar, sonar, closed circuit television or "other electronic means". By the numbers, it has 2 golf cart motors, 3 deep-cycle batteries, 4 tubed motorcycle tires, 5 speeds (plus reverse) and, to date, has traveled 68 miles. The seller claims it has no leaks. It also has no warranty, no guarantee, and can not be licensed for the road. Although the top speed is only 25 mph on land and 3 kph on water, zombies locomote slower than sloths and (probably) can't swim. Happy bidding.

{Source: eBay]

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