VIDEO: McLaren at Le Mans: Pursuit of Perfection

McLaren F1 LM - click image above for high-res gallery

You know, we could have titled this one "Car Porn" and it would make as much sense. After the jump you'll find a few videos documenting the more than legendary McLaren F1's inaugural 1995 Le Mans effort. And while the car is without question beyond cool, you may not have actually lived until you watch Andy Wallace talk you through an entire qualifying lap of Le Mans, including Mulsanne's Corner. Which, as Andy explains, simply ain't what it used to be -- nowadays you take it at 180 mph, not 250 mph. And it gets better from there. Block out about forty minutes and just sit mouth agape and watch. Thank us later. Also -- Gordon Murray's hair totally rules. Four videos, after the jump.

[Source: Cold Track Days]

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