Veritas RS III priced at nearly half a million [w/VIDEO]

Veritas RS III – Click above for high-res image gallery

We don't know many people with half a million bucks lying around these days, but for those who've got the cash to burn, reports have surfaced on the official price of the Veritas RS III. And at €342,000 ($487,000 by today's rates), it ain't cheap.

For that much cash you get just one seat – with no roof, mind you, and not much of a windscreen to speak of – but what a seat it is. You're strapped into a retro rocket sled behind the BMW M division's 5-liter V10 with 500 horsepower on tap. A more powerful 620-horsepower version is also said to be available, which would presumably ratchet the price up even higher. Only 30 examples are to be made, and the sticker price also gives us a reference point for the upcoming fixed-roof version and reported aircraft-engined sport-ute that the company is said to be working on. Better start saving those pennies, fellas. Follow the jump for an inspirational, adrenaline-inducing video.

[Source: AutoBild]


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