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The jury is largely in on Mazda's new happy corporate face and well, most folks don't like it. But what if Mazda designed a car featuring its Nagare design language minus the smiley face? That's exactly what one student designer named Imran Ali did with the Yuuga Coupe. Presented at the 2009 Degree Show at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea, UK, we have to say that the Yugga Coupe is quite the looker.

No known plans exist for production. For all anyone knows, this could be a Mazda6 coupe. Or, the Yuuga could indicate a design direction for future RX models – like a return to the gone-but-totally-not-forgotten RX-7. Or hey, it could be something totally different – who knows? The all-glass roof and crash-cymbal sized brakes are obviously auto show wishful thinking, yet the side profile is quite modern and Fisker-like. The rear looks even better – sorta like an Aston Martin V8. Then, of course, there's the Mazda meets GT-R front end, which is especially handsome. Good work, Mr. Ali. We hope they build it, though the name has to go. Too close to Yugo for our liking.

[Source: Car Body Design via Car Scoop]

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