Nissan isn't being shy about introducing a slightly new wrinkle into the public awareness of electric vehicles with its "100% Torque" tagline for the new Nissan LEAF. We asked Mark Perry, director of product planning and advanced technology strategy for Nissan NA, about the line and he said that it's pretty simple. Nissan has a long history of the building cars that provide a memorable driving experiences, Perry said, and in order to set itself apart from the coming EV rush – at least in customers' minds – emphasizing how this experience can be had in a zero emission vehicle is just good marketing. The LEAF is not a GTR, but it will most likely surprise everyone who things electric = golf cart. "100% Torque" is meant to reduce the number of people who assume that.

Of course, being an EV, there are other numbers of note. For example, Nissan's Twitter stream claimed, just after GM made the 230 mpg announcement for the Volt, that the mpg equivalent of the LEAF is, get this, 367 mpg using the DOE's mpge ratings.

[Source: Nissan, Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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