We got a note the other day from Lyle Dennis over at GM-Volt about a poll he's running among his readers following this week's announcement of the Nissan LEAF. Lyle wanted to judge the readers preference among the two electrically-driven cars. As a site that's been dedicated to all things Volt since he launched it two years ago, the results turned out to be pretty predictable. Thus, Lyle suggested we ask our audience, since our focus is less narrow.

The LEAF is, of course, a dedicated battery only car, but its daily range is an optimistic 100 miles unless someone actually installs any 480V fast charging systems, which will still take 30 minutes to give you an 80 percent charge. The Volt, on the other hand, relies on a range-extending internal combustion engine to take you beyond the 40-mile range of its battery. However, since green vehicle options obviously extend beyond electric drive, we've given you a few extra options. Tell us what you think.

[Source: GM-Volt.com]

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