While it would seem that the Obama administration's $2.4 billion investment of Recovery Act grant money into electric car and battery development would be seen as a positive step to most green car advocates, not everyone is pleased with how the money was dolled out. According to CalCars, a number of smaller, innovative companies were left out of the proceedings. One such unnamed company "made the comparison to funding dinosaur land-line companies at the birth of the cellphone age."

Mark Mills, chairman of start-up International Battery Inc. (a company whose application was not selected), adds, "When you look at the list, what you see is that the DOE has made a cautious bet in the space by funding battery manufacturing essentially just by big companies. The DOE has to address whether or not they are concerned that emerging technologies will mature and... whether they think innovation can only come out of big companies. We hope that the DOE decides that there may be follow-on to help entrepreneurs."

Naturally, not all applicants could be selected from grant money from the DOE. Only time will tell if the money was well spent.

[Source: CalCars, Dow Jones Clean Technology Insight]
Photo by marcn. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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