What is 230? GM knows, but isn't saying...

The graphic above has been appearing all over the place -- television, billboards, elevators, baseball games, even people's shirts. It has a blog, Flickr and Facebook pages, and a YouTube channel. What it doesn't have is an explanation. Ad Age lined up the perps behind the online assets and discovered they all have a GM connection, and GM has a news conference scheduled for August 11.

The question is what that news conference will be about and how will the number 230 factor into it? Guesses so far range from the Buick PHEV announced yesterday (doubtful) to the Chevy Volt's mpg number (uhh, no) to, oddly enough, the Aptera. Feel free to add your own guess to the mix in the comments below... or to wait until next Tuesday for the 230 wizard to speak.

[Source: Ad Age]

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