We're having trouble coming up with an adequate set of adjectives to describe our opinions of the new Goblin WolfSpyder. On one hand, the idea of an enclosed three-wheeled vehicle that's capable of returning excellent fuel mileage and performance is intriguing. On the other hand, this is one incredibly ridiculous looking vehicle that offers little reason to justify its nearly $20,000 price tag (plus optional heat, air conditioning and overhead canopy) on top of the $15,449 Can-Am Spyder donor vehicle.

If you do happen to enjoy its cringe-inducing looks – complete with non-functional rear wing that Goblin claims "may improve visible appearance in traffic" – and you happen to think it's worth the asking price (seriously?), you can order the kit now and see it on your doorstep via the friendly neighborhood UPS man in 12-18 weeks.

[Source: Goblin Motors via Autoblog.nl]

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