That's right, today we split hairs, obsess over the little stuff and worry about tempests in teapots. While we admit to all that, we must point out that collectively, we drive a lot of cars. And since most of our time is spent sitting in the driver's seat, certain things tend to annoy us more than others. After endless online bitchfests, our list of gripes and grievances reached critical mass and we finally decided to distill into a top-ten list of interior annoyances.

A word about the order of the list. Unlike, say, David Letterman and his ur-list that builds and builds with the jokes getting crueler and funnier as you climb, this particular list is in no particular order. Truth be told told, not everyone on staff agrees with every item on the list. In fact – and believe it or not – we had a pretty heated exchange over a couple of them. Which just goes to show how important car interiors can be. And now, on to the list!

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