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Exact details are few and far between, but for those that value handling over tire-smoking POWA, this is great news. Autocar is reporting that the next AMG-fettled Mercedes-Benz E-Class will rely on weight-saving materials and techniques, as well as fine-tuning of suspension pieces to increase agility. You know, as opposed to the regular AMG way of doing things, which is lobbing yet another salvo into the breach of the sky's no-limit horsepower war. The next AMG E-Class Coupe will actually be a Black Series model, meaning that not only will there be no "regular" AMG E-Class Coupe (for now), but you really ought to start saving your pennies now. Err, saving your bundles of Grants and Franklins.

According to Autocar, there's also not going to be any Black Series C-Series cars because the limited edition AMGs must be based on two-door models (though we'll see how long that actually lasts). There will, however, be a new C63 – and unlike the upcoming Black Series E-Class Coupe, there will be better driving through more power. The current C63 is AMG's weakest offering with "only" 453 horsepower on tap. The new version will belch thrust to the tune of 500 to 525 ponies. Phew, we were worried there for a moment that AMG had lost its power uber all mind. One last thing: even though it will fit, there's no plan to use the highly lauded seven-speed dual-clutch Speedshift transmission from the E63 and SL63 in the C63. Pity.

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[Source: Autocar]

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