Wondering what exactly constitutes as a 'defective' license plate? So were we. Apparently, roughly 1.1 million license plates were issued in Illinois between 2001 and 2003 with a reflective coating that can bubble and peel away. This causes multiple side effects, some of them worse than others – the plates can rust, which is bad... but it also makes them more difficult to read by police officers. Ticket... what ticket? Not surprisingly, the Illinois Secretary of State's office is concerned.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a million-plus letters were sent out in 2004 urging drivers to get the plates replaced but only 1,000 people responded to the free upgrade. Obviously, a more forceful tactic was required. Since March of this year, a million more letters have reportedly been sent out with the message: "in order to remain in compliance with Illinois law, it may be necessary to replace your license plate if it develops bubbles or rust around the letters.... failure to do so could result in a citation."

If you aren't one of the 211,000 people who responded to this latest letter and you've got a rusty Illinois license plate that you'd like to replace, click here.

[Source: Chicago Tribune]

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