Not that we really expect to hear anything different from GM, but even with the company's most vocal hydrogen proponent Larry Burns set to retire, The General is sticking to the line that it is committed to bringing H2 vehicles to market. Beth Lowery, GM vice president of environment, energy and safety policy, posted to the GM Fastlane a few follow-ups to her recent webchat and directly addressed the hydrogen question:
We still believe that in the long-term hydrogen can be a key solution to the issues we face around energy supplies and the environmental impacts of personal transportation. Our work on fuel cell technology includes our "Project Driveway" test program. It has yielded great feedback on the performance and capabilities of the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle in real-world driving situations. However, hydrogen infrastructure is still an important hurdle we face that requires collaborative efforts by government, academic and industry partners.
Lowery also re-emphasized GM's near-term commitment to hybrid and flexfuel vehicles. Read her post here. Recently, Lowery also said that GM expects future generations of the Voltec technology will allow GM to turn a profit from plug-in hybrids.

[Source: GM Fastlane]

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