If that NYC crosstown traffic is slowing you down, you might like Mayor Bloomberg's invitation to New Yorker's to come on and take a free ride. Apparently, certain crosstown buses run so slow that the Mayor wants to introduce dedicated bus lanes stop collecting fares on them in an effort to speed things up. The measure is just one of many new steps the re-electioneering Independent would like to see implemented to improve the mass transit system in the Big Apple. Other steps call for extending some lines and services as well as using smaller buses when demand is lower. While Bloomberg can use his position to advocate for the changes, he can't actually implement many of them. The Mayoral office only controls 4 of 17 places on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) board. Interested in more? Check out the PDF to read Bloomberg's 33-point plan in its entirety.

[Source: NY Times]
Photo by Adam E. Moreira. Licensed under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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