Those who value the role played by Plug In America (PIA) in lobbying and promoting a future full of plug-in vehicles will have the opportunity to spend some time with the people behind the effort and show your support at their 2nd annual benefit and internet auction. The affair will be hosted at the Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA this August 9th and will be attended by many leading industry figures as well as the products they are, or will be, producing. What might you see and whose elbows might you rub if you pony up the $120 (and up) donation to attend?

For starters, a pre-production 2e from Aptera will be on hand as well as that company's CEO Paul Wilbur. Other electric cars onsite will include Tesla Roadsters, the tzero from AC Propulsion, the MINI E from BMW and Commuter Cars Tango. While we don't have a copy of the complete guest list, it's quite likely PIA notables such as Chelsea Sexton and Jay Friedland will be in attendance. If you can't make the trip but still want to donate, check out the internet auction that's already begun. An autographed Zero X motorcycle, a Coulomb Technologies charging post or a Hymotion plug-in conversion for your Prius are just some of the many items awaiting bids.

[Source: Plug In America / Aptera]

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