No, really. At least according to, a British auction site (£1,000 cash for £8.06) that arranges celebrity auctions for charity. First, which celebrity topped the list? The sultry, three-kinds of sexy Megan Fox, of course. Second place was British singer/soccer wife Cheryl Cole, third place was Angelina Jolie and fourth place went to Katie Price, sort of a younger, trashier English version of Pamela Anderson with much larger breast implants.

But never mind any of that, the #5 celebrity that British men would most like to go on a date with? Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow. That's right, the Top Gear gang. Hmmm. We know most Brit males have sexual predilections that would make us Yanks blush, but... a date with James May? Really? Here's an American top tip for our brothers in Old Blighty: instead of calling it a date, say "people you would most like to have a beer with."

This whole thing is reminiscent of a report from 2005 when 25% of UK men wanted Jeremy Clarkson in their passenger seat, compared to only 17% for Angelina Jolie. To paraphrase James May, "I've ridden with Jeremy – you're all daft."

[Source: News Lite]

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