Lutz lays out his strategy for GM advertising: "Memorable," "clever," "viral" [w/VIDEO]

Click above to watch Kate Walsh talk up the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon after the jump

So we knew that Bob Lutz didn't like the course General Motors commercials were taking – but no one knew what he did like. Now that he's back from vacation in the Caribbean, he's laid out what he has enjoyed: popular YouTube vids like the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 lapping the 'Ring, the Kate Walsh Cadillac ads, and a Howie Long Total Confidence commercial.

Sure, Lutz's plan for ads sounds a lot like the Standard Operating Practices of old GM. However, Cadillac did good business with the Kate Walsh ads, the ZR1's 'Ring showing meant you could put " Corvette" and " supercar performance" in the same sentence. And while we sometimes find the Long ads a tad facile, they state their cases plainly. If Lutz can do what those three commercials did – but do so for each of the portfolio's entire brands intentionally and over time, he'll have done something monumental.

To do that, Lutz says he is revamping and taking control of just about everything: bringing designers in on the ad planning and going to product-driven advertising, changing how GM works with its agencies and giving agencies clearer directives, holding weekly meetings with brand executives, and even making sure all the ad photography is flattering to the car. Will these changes be enough? Check out the one of Lutz's favorite new ads after the jump, then leave your fellow reader a line in 'Comments' with your best guess as to GM's chance for advertising success.

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