The only green typically associated with NASCAR is the cubic dollars spent every year by fans on tickets and merchandise and what the automakers spend to support their teams. On the technology side, this is a series that still uses carburetors and only recently switched to unleaded gas. However, NASCAR has decided to take a tentative step into the future.

Over the past weekend while NASCAR was running at Pocono Speedway in Pennsylvania, officials held a ground breaking ceremony for what is expected to be the largest solar power facility at a sports venue in the world. A 25-acre plot across the road from the track will be home to about 40,000 photovoltaic panels by next spring. The plant will be able to supply most of the tracks power needs going forward and significantly reduce operating expenses. The total cost is expected to be about $15-17 million. Now about those fuel injected or hybridized engines...

[Source: New York Times]

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