VIDEO: Jay Leno drives the Reasonably Priced Car

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Last week we saw AC/DC's Brian Johnson on Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment and for the first time ever the consensus was, "no need to fast forward." Now, we're not going to say that the former Tonight Show host and pistonhead extraordinaire Jay Leno is as mesmerizingly fun as AC/DC's front man. But Jay does own two Lamborghini Miuras, which is it's own sort of spellbinding. In fact, the notoriously anti-American Clarkson calls Leno the world's "# 1 petrolhead." High praise indeed.

For his part, Jay is affable and halfway laughable. He gives a very strange, inaccurate answer as to why Americans drivers won't let people with their turn signals on into a lane (real answer: because we're jerks), but does tell an absolutely fantastic story about two "gang bangers," his McLaren F1 and the three tunnels on Kanan Road. Yes, fine, but does Leno drive fast? Well, he's quite smooth. And the second fastest American. See for yourself after the jump.

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