Top Gear gets busy with some Aussie muscle -- Follow the jump to watch

Let's just say that Richard Hammond rightfully digs the blown, delightfully obscene Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst (above, bottom), which costs a not-insignificant £45,000 in Blighty. For that not-insignificant sum, he says, "you get almost limitless vulgarity." Trust us, he's paying it a compliment, based on the s**t-eating grin he wears throughout his stint behind the wheel. Then he drives the HSV Maloo R8 (above, top) – Holden's factory-tuned super-ute, which really is one of the coolest cars we'll never get here. As you'll see, it doesn't haul hay bales particularly well, but it can suck the windshield out of a new Audi S4. Finally, the Stig uses his right foot like a cattle prod with both cars in some split-screen action. It's all good.

After watching this clip, you'll probably want to send some thoughtfully-worded feedback to GM's "Tell Fritz" web thingamajig. You all know Fritz. He's that guy who spiked the return of the Holdens to the U.S. because he doesn't believe in rebadging. Yeah, we're beating a dead horse. We don't care. Watch the video and you won't either. Thanks to Bradley Wint for the heads-up.

[Source: YouTube]

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