Another blow to Motor City: Detroit's Belle Isle Grand Prix reportedly iced for 2010

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When Roger Penske revived the Detroit Grand Prix in 2007, Michigan race fans turned out in droves and cheered the great job that was done on fixing up the Belle Isle facility. Over 100,000 people showed up for the Labor Day weekend races in both 2007 and 2008. Unfortunately, we all know what happened in the weeks and months following the 2008 event. As the toilet was again flushed on the Michigan economy, Detroit Grand Prix sponsors slashed spending and the prospect of past attendees being able to spend the money on tickets dwindled. As a result, the 2009 race was canceled.

Unfortunately, the prospects for Michigan still haven't recovered sufficiently, so race organizers have decided to wait yet another year before trying to revive the event. The current plan is for the racers to hit the island again in 2011. We'll see if the economy cooperates.

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