Sometimes you don't need to own a car. Sometimes you don't have the room to store a motorbike or even a bicycle. Sometimes, you need a bit of extra storage space on a family trip. While there are plenty of services where you can rent mobility solutions like these, Peugeot has launched a new integrated solution called Mu by Peugeot. Mu allows users to rent vehicles and accessories using a card loaded up with units (5 units = €1). Vehicles available include a bicycle, a 50 cm3 or 125 cm3 scooter, a leisure vehicle (207 CC, 308 CC), "regular" cars and a large variety of car accessories.

Mu by Peugeot works a bit like a prepaid cell phone: you top up the card and then use the card to pay for the rentals: driving a Peugeot 207 for the day costs 280 units (€56), a scooter is a bit less at 200 units (€40 for the day). As with many membership cards, Mu by Peugeot also offers prizes and member advantages.

[Source: Peugeot]

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