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While the 24 Hours of Le Mans was the swan song for the GT1-class Corvette C6.R, the fellas at Corvette Racing will unveil the next chapter of the story this coming Tuesday, August 4th. According to the crew at, that's the day we'll see the new GT2-class Chevy Corvette racer, which will allegedly wear "ZR1-influenced" styling. Beyond that, well, we're waiting along with the rest of you. We can't imagine Corvette Racing would abandon the Jake-emblazoned Velocity Yellow-and-Black livery that has become synonymous with success over the years. They'll need all that mojo and then some in GT2, where the competition is fierce and Porsche and Ferrari rule. And that's fine. Consistent, healthy competition has been sorely lacking for the Vettes, which have essentially just raced each other recent years, so this ought to be fun. The GT2 Vettes spring into real action on August 8, when ALMS visits Mid-Ohio. To the GT2 field: Check your mirrors. They're coming. To the rest of you in readerland: Check your local listings and set those DVRs.


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